Tuesday, 7 April 2015

We can lose touch but we can't let go

These pictures have been making the rounds on Tumblr in the past few months, and I've been reblogging them methodically. Featuring classic paintings with contemporary song lyrics boldly emblazoned on them, these edits are perfect in decontextualising and adding new perspective to well-beloved works. The process behind them reminds me a lot of my favourite literary theory intertextuality (what - don't you all have a favourite literary theory? Doesn't EVERYONE?), in which old texts are reworked into new ones, quotes and characters are borrowed and transformed, and the responsibility lies with the reader (or in this case viewer) to create their own sense out of it all. In doing so, each work of literature is revealed to be not a singular moment of originality, but rather a subtle, layered creation reliant on an underlying network of other great works. And so it is with these pictures - they force us to reconsider them, beyond the paint and beyond their historical context in a gallery, and as moments of passion, rebellion and wonder. And sometimes, like the umbrella one, they're just plain hilarious.

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jbdatx said...

Mucho thanks for introducing me to the theory of intertextuality, my reading henceforth will contain another layer of depth and beauty thanks to my having stumbled across your blog. That dont happen everyday :)