Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Announcement time.

I'm going to Paris on Sunday for over a month - doing a French course at the university and generally mooching around (let's be honest, I won't get bored. It's Paris). This seems the perfect time to announce a little hiatus on my blog, as I won't be getting much Internet while there. This is quite timely as for a while I've been wanting to rethink my blog. I love love love writing it, I love the comments, I love everything, but atm I just feel so uninspired and update so erratically compared to last year that I'm losing heart and have even considered giving up, which I most certainly do not want to do. I've lost half my readership and most of my quality and I think, much as I like life as it comes, I need to be more organised. SO, don't expect posts for a month. While in Paris I'm going to rethink it, come up with new ideas and features, and generally have it back to it's good old pre-uni self by the time September comes. I can already tell you, there's going to be more photography (I got a new camera a few days ago - it's a budget SLR camera and I am SO EXCITED about it), more fashion, and more film as opposed to posting trailers every now and then. I want to make this little spot on the internet something I can be proud of again. So goodbye for a month, and when I come back, please feel free to drop by, have a cup of tea and look around at the shiny new things :)

Peace and love

Anahita x

Friday, 9 July 2010

Myths of the Forest

I really cannot decide what I think of this shoot. On one hand it's beautiful, colourful, and set in another mysterious, fairytale, Midsummer Night's Dream world. Which, as we all know, is sheer perfection. On the other hand, what's with the blue people? Is it all a little over the top and too fancy dress instead of fashion? Or is it simply playful and happy? I'm still not quite sure - all I know is, it caught my eye when I first saw it.

Photographer: Carter Smith
Model: Anja Rubik
Magazine: Vogue Nippon

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

"In this country our courts are the great levelers, and in our courts all men are created equal."

(I'm kind of stealing Andrew's Forgotten Characters idea. I hope he'll forgive me, and I promise I'll not do it again xD)

In a film based on one of the most powerful and beloved novels of all time, and surrounded by a cast starring the likes of Gregory Peck in a career-defining (and that's saying something) performance, it can be quite easy to forget about the supporting characters. However, after having watched To Kill a Mockingbird again tonight (and cried during the last half hour - I swear, I've read the book and watched the film so many times, yet they still manage to bring me to tears), I couldn't help being drawn toward Brock Peters' performance as Tom Robinson - the black man falsely accused of raping a white girl whom Atticus Finch (Peck) defends. Although I adore the book far more than the film, I have to admit that the character of Tom is not particularly explored throughout - the reader never truly gets an idea of what he is like as an individual and a personality - rather, his undefined-ness allows him to be representative of his entire race and the oppression and prejudice they faced. In the film, however, because of Peters' emotional and masterful performance, it is brought down to a far more personal level. He clearly demonstrates the desperation and helplessness Tom feels throughout the trial - tears coming into his eyes as he desperately insists on his innocence, to no avail - and by the end of the trial, we too feel the hopelessness years of oppression can cause. Through Peters, Tom Robinson becomes a clearly defined character in his own right, as he unflinchingly portrays the injustice Tom had to struggle through. The scene in the courtroom, already perfect because of Peck's brave and honest Atticus, just became yet more perfect.

Monday, 5 July 2010


Ok, so the trailer's not that amazing, and I could probably act better than Daniel Radcliffe. But still. It's Harry Potter!! xD

I don't think I'll ever be too old for it.