Friday, 29 May 2009

47. An Ideal Husband (1999)

I must stop posting. I must do revision. This is absolutely awful.

Anyway, another Oscar Wilde adaptation. This is my favourite Oscar Wilde play ever - while The Importance of Being Earnest is very funny, An Ideal Husband features Wilde's wit at its most biting and hilarious, his portrayal of society at its most satirical and sharp, and his characters - particularly Lord Goring, one of my favourite characters ever - at their most creative and complex. The film's screenplay has been brilliantly adapted to film, it retains the wit of the original, while adapting certain settings and incidents to make the whole thing more vibrant for the big screen, and wholly leaving out some of the more old fashioned sexist views - I quote:

"A man's life is of more value than a woman's. It has larger issues, wider scope, greater ambitions. A woman's life revolves in curves of emotion. It is upon lines of intellect that a man's life progresses."

I have to say, I would have expected Wilde, as a homosexual, to have a greater understanding of facing prejudices and being denied equal rights, and to therefore be more open minded. I greatly dislike being shoved in a corner like this. But I digress...

So yes, brilliant screenplay. But a screenplay is nothing without the right actors to say the lines, and it is here in my opinion that An Ideal Husband truly shines. Featuring Rupert Everett, Minnie Driver, Cate Blanchett and Jeremy Northam, the acting ability in this film is top notch. Cate Blanchett and Jeremy Northam play husband and wife Lord Robert and Lady Gertrude Chiltern, the former of which is hiding a terrible secret from his past, one that would shatter the relationship between himself and his wife, who idolises him beyond belief. These two play their roles perfectly, providing most of the drama and the moral and social undertones of the play. However, my two favourites have to be Minnie Driver as Mabel Chiltern, the younger sister of Robert, and Rupert Everett as Lord Goring, his best friend and Mabel's potential suitor. Everett is a natural born Wilde actor, he has charm of manner, an easy debonair air, brilliant comic timing and the ability to actually make these immortal words come to life. The odd moments where Lord Goring shows some of the true compassion, understanding and earnestness beneath his comedy are just beautiful, and Everett plays them true to character. Driver is also perfect in her role, she plays the young sweet English Rose charmingly, yet her witticisms - and there are many - can rival that of Rupert Everett's Lord Goring. Perhaps this is why they make such a great couple, with such fabulous chemistry. Julianne Moore also stars as the villain of the piece Mrs Chevely, and she pulls off elegant sultry bitch to perfection.

All in all, it's a beautifully acted, beautifully cast and beautifully adapted classic play, almost reminiscent of the sharp fast-talking comedies of the 40s, such as The Philadelphia Story, where a perfect script met a perfect cast and resulted in perfection. I can't stop using that word enough. This film cannot be faulted. The costumes are lavish, the set beautiful, the music pretty, acting superb and writing wonderful (N.B. stop overusing adjectives). It is perfect. Watch it. Watch it now.

Ahem. My over-abuse of commas is over.

ps. just watched lil' bits to get some screencaps and I really fancy Rupert Everett apparantly. *sigh* He just has such amazing chemistry with Minnie Driver that you fall in love with him. And conveniently forget that he's, you know, gay. Damn.
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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Sherlock Holmes: The Trailer

Robert Downey Jr. was, is, and always will be the love of my life. I’ve admired him way before the fuss started over Ironman and Tropic Thunder, although, don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s publicly adored now too. I think he seems brilliant in this, as does Jude Law, whom I couldn't previously imagine being Dr Watson. However, I was really shocked by how physical and action-y the whole thing is. I mean, I know Sherlock Holmes was never as intellectual as Poirot, and was way more of a hunt-down-clues-and-sniff-cocaine type of detective, but I still didn't imagine it like this. Perhaps this shouldn’t surprise me so much though, given that it is directed by Guy “RocknRolla” Ritchie, and I don’t somehow see him making a quiet psychological thriller of epically thoughtful proportions. However, this doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing - I think I need to watch the whole film through to see if this action idea fits in well or not. Plus, I just love Robert Downey Jr. A lot. So the good may outweigh the bad in any case.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

So no, I still haven't seen Coraline. After the most ridiculous amounts of begging and pleading, I finally managed to persuade my mother to come with me and watch it. Then I stupidly showed her the trailer. I expected her to say: "Wow, look at this! Look at the animation! Look at the colours! Look at the creativity! Look at the amazingly creepy yet imaginative and quirky atmosphere that has been created!! Oh-my-gosh-take-me-to-see-this-film-now!!"

What she actually said was that it was disgusting and disturbing, that it would be terrifying in a psychological way, which was far worse than a physical gory way, that it would give her nightmares and that she didn't understand why people made these films. And to market it as a film for children - what was the world coming to? And she finished all this by refusing to come and watch it, and saying that of course I could go by myself but - in the ultimate parental twist - that it would deeply unsettle me and she advises that I don't go, and she personally doesn't believe I would really like to go see it as (this is the pièce de résistance) she didn't bring up a child who enjoys such disturbing things and labels them as art in a pretentious way.

So yeah. I haven't seen it. I still really want to, obviously. But I'm just going to wait 'til after exams and watch it by myself. I know that's the epitome of sadness. But I don't see why other people, or lack thereof, should prevent me from seeing things I really want to. Meanwhile, I went on the official website and explored the whole place. It reminded me of when I was little and I would go on the official Harry Potter website and get sorted into a house (I would get Gryffindor or Ravenclaw) and buy a wand and play with the hippogriffs. Good times. Anyway, today I went to the Other Mother's Workshop. It was brilliant fun and also a great place to avoid vectors and general maths revision. I sewed some buttons onto my eyes, which was rather strange. I have big eyes so the buttons had to be big as well, and tbh, I looked like I was wearing The Beatles' sunglasses rather than anything else.

The picture is generally rather weird. I tried one of me smiling on my birthday or something, but the whole thing looked rather demented. So I uploaded one of a more serious expression, so as to not upset the gothic creepy look. Not sure it worked.

I also spelled my name out in mice :D

This is seriously the weirdest post I've ever done. But it should help you understand exactly how boring maths is. And exactly how much of a child I still am.

I advise other people to spend an hour or so on this site. 'Tis fun :D
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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Good Times

This really really cheered me up, despite the depths of gloom maths revision has thrown me in.

lmao, genius.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

be afraid of the lame
they'll inherit your legs
be afraid of the old
they'll inherit your soul
be afraid of the cold
they'll inherit your blood
après moi, le deluge
after me comes the flood

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Vintage Love

I kinda want this poster a lot.

Can I have it please?

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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

(L)arge (A)ssociation of (M)ovie (B)logs

yay, I'm now a lamb!!!

Large Association of Movie Blogs

this is actually rather embarrassing as I haven't written anything filmic in weeks. Um, basically, I had my French Speaking exam on Friday, my German Speaking exam today, my retake of the French writing (I am still so bitter about that) is on Monday, and then four more exams in June. And y'all know how important Oxford is to me. I have to work hard for it, even if it means taking a little break from writing half way decent things on this blog. So um, bear with me. Meanwhile I will leave you wite the trailer of a film I am rather desperate to see:

The film itself doesn't seem like the most special thing I'll ever see (although of course I could be wrong) but it's by Henry Selick, one of the geniuses (geni-i?) behind the Nightmare Before Christmas - which I adore; it's stop-motion which is my favourite type of animation, along with clay-mation; plus it's in 3D. I have never seen a 3D film before - a couple of years ago, the only films available in 3D were dinosaur or shark documentaries in the IMAX at the BFI. But now an ordinary film is available even at my small cinema. And obviously, I can't wait 'til the DVD comes out 'cos then it's not 3D. So I need to find someone to pressure to come with me. Problem is, everyone I know is prejudiced against animated films - they think they're childish. In my opinion, nothing can be further from the truth. However it is my birthday next week, so hopefully I ought to be abale to find someone to guilt trip into coming along. Should be fun :)

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Sunday, 10 May 2009

What The...

How? Seriously,

He's bloody amazing. And kinda cute. And just absolutely astonishing.

*watches again*

bloody hell...
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Thursday, 7 May 2009


ooooooh my gosh Scrubs is over :( It didn't hit me while watching it, but I now just feel so sad. It was one of my favourite shows and I will miss it terribly. It was an absolutely beautiful ending though, which I'm going to show y'all. It's not incredibly spoiler-y - not like the end of Friends, but it's just so sweet and adorable and heart breaking and wonderful that I just have to show it.

By the way, I've heard a lot of beautiful romantic songs, but this, this is the song I want at my weddding. It's just beautiful. God, this is amazing.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

La Procrastination

It is actually a word in French :D anyway, I have my French speaking exam in, um, five days. FIVE. DAYS. Damn. In five days time, I will be forced to speak about the death penalty and stem cell research and voting numbers (does it look like I care?) in fluent flawless French.
Oooh cool, alliteration.

Anyway, as you might expect, I have been working incredibly hard. That's a lie. I have, however, been watching an awful lot of film trailers. So, here's the previews to some films I'm REALLY looking forward to:

01. (500) Days of Summer

I don't know much about Zooey Deschanel, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in 10 Things I Hate About You and he was absolutely adorable. Also, please note the Regina Spektor song. It is bliss :D

02. Adam

I've always thought Hugh Dancy is an underrated actor who just hasn't caught his break yet. I mean, he's been in Ella Enchanted and Confessions of a Shopaholic and he was cute in them, but I think he can reach new depths with this film. And Rose Byrne is pretty amazing too. And judging by these two films, I'm having a thing for the quirky rom-com.

03. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Duh. I simply cannot wait. End of. Although, does it seem to everyone else that after six films, Daniel Radcliffe still isn't 100% comfortable with his wand. *waits patiently for innuendos to stop* seriously, he always holds it and waves it so awkwardly.

I'm making myself giggle here :D

There's also Keira Knightley's new film - Last Night - which is meant to come out sometime in 2009, but which doesn't have a trailer yet. I'm possibly the most excited for this - Keira Knightley's one of my favourite actresses, plus it had Guillaume Canet in it, that brilliant actor from Jeux d'Enfants. It's set in modern day New York, which should stop people bitching at her for being in period pieces.

OK, seriously, will now do French.

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