Tuesday, 22 July 2008

69. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest & At World's End (2006-2007)

OK, so don't kill me. But I seriously love these films, they're so funny and gorgeous and entertaining to watch. They sorta share a place though, 'cos I couldn't choose between them, and really, it's like one big film.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Wish you were here

On wednesday, I'm flying off to Italy for three weeks...which I am incredibly exciting about. I'm going with my family, and we're staying in this little remote spot, with LOADS of countryside and hills for walking (or exploring, as I still call it) and the oppurtunity to maybe visit Venice again on a day trip. Venice is my second favourite place in the world - after London - it's simply GORGEOUS - so breath taking I can't describe it. So yeah, it should be awesome fun, except I can't take more than one book according to my mum - who's a light packer - and there's no DVD player and no Internet access...so literally no movies or movie-blogging for three weeks, which I will miss.

Anywhoo, when I come back, I'm planning on going to the cinema - I haven't been since February, when I went to see Juno. That is SHOCKING. I missed Indiana Jones 'cos of exams, although I have downloaded Priceless...but I wanna see Mamma Mia and the Dark Knight, and the Duchess too if I can. I didn't manage to catch the Edge of Love in the end, even though I really wanted to...which really sucked. I'll watch it on DVD. Or DVD quality anyway ;) Plus I have to get through my top 70 as well, which is not particularly impressive (wait 'til you see what's coming up next) but is at least truthful.

So anyway, I'll miss this whole crazy movie world we've got going on here, but I will be back and blogging harder than ever. peace out :) xxxxxxxx

Friday, 18 July 2008

70. The Importance of Being Earnest (2002)

have finally constructed top 70. It was meant to be 50, but I couldn't cut the last twenty out. As usual, tell me what you think of the film :)

ummm, personally, I love it for the witty hilarious script and the fabulous cast of Colin Firth, Rupert Everett, Reese Witherspoon, Frances O'Connor and Judi Dench.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Tuesday, 8 July 2008


sorry I'm stealing your post Kayleigh

but isn't it all so exciting?? apparantly they're adding in a few extra action scenes to make it all more "exciting"...I wonder what those'll be like?

OK, for a touch of nostalgia...the trio through the years:

In Philosopher's Stone -

In Chamber of Secrets -

In Prisoner of Azkaban -

In Goblet of Fire -

In Order of the Phoenix -

In Half-Blood Prince -

BLESSS!!! Aww I love them so much :D trio dh

Saturday, 5 July 2008

My Leading Ladies

OK...the list is finally finished, with a lot of doubts and hesitations along the path. However, I feel I finally do have my top 10 actresses. Surprisingly, only one of them is from the old school, all the rest are still acting now. But hey. Um yeah, so here we go :D



1. Julia Roberts - I remember reading ages ago that Emma Watson stated her favourite actress was Julia Roberts. The first emotion I remember feeling was surprise...surprise at the fact it needed to be stated. I mean, wasn't everyone's favourite Julia Roberts? Wasn't she widely accepted to be the best actress of our times, and maybe ever?

Well, apparantly y'all don't share this wonderful view, but it is definitely true for me...especially given her great versatility. From dramas such as Erin Brockovich to thrillers such as The Pelican Brief and Sleeping With the Enemy, she has managed to nail almost every single genre and role worth doing (horrors, I'm looking at you). Personally, I was completely enchanted from the very first time I saw her, in Erin Brockovich. The role itself is deeply complex and mesmerising, but she managed to take it that step further, and transform her performance into a masterpiece. From showing Erin's complete kick-ass bravery, through to her complete vulnerability as she struggled to make ends meet and be a good mother despite her hardships and poverty, Julia's performance was by turns tragic and inspiring. For me, it was especially masterful when she portrayed the conflicts Erin felt during the law suit - doing what was right for all those people while again being there for her children - emotions that so so easily could have been over the top, or sentimental - even for a good actress - but which she managed to keep real and simple, and - most importantly - incredibly personal and alive for the audience.

Surprisingly however, Julia is probably best known, not for this serious role, but for her rom-com roles, such as Pretty Woman and Notting Hill. Personally, I still love these, especially Pretty Woman, the performance of which deserved, and recieved, an Oscar nomination, and Runaway Bride, a guilty pleasure of mine. That she can still keep it funny, original and sweet in such a typical and often fluffy genre is again another testimonial to her talent. Her last work that I really truly loved was Mona Lisa Smile, and I am now impatiently anticipating Fireflies in the Garden. A talent that will go down in history.

Favourite Film - Erin Brockovich

Best Performance - Erin Brockovich

FIHSTIWT - Steel Magnolias

2. Keira Knightley
- Oh my gosh, I can feel the death glares. I think Emma is possibly sharpening her knife. This is probably the equivalent of going to McDonalds when you're a gourmet chef.

Or is it? Seriously thinking about it, with all (and I mean ALL) prejudice aside, this young lady is actually a wonderfully gifted actress. And ya know what? She's in two out of my three top films. That cannot be coincidence.

So anyway. She was a breath of fresh air in Bend it Like Beckham, completely down-to-earth and original. In Pirates of the Caribbean she was absolutely perfect. Now admittedly you may say these roles aren't very challenging (this is literally a defence of Keira. lmao this is so great). However, examine her later, and more recent work. In Pride and Prejudice she was wonderful, she was completely Lizzy Bennet to me - smart, witty, vivacious, and showing the right amount of passion and emotion (think about the proposals) which Jennifer Ehle sometimes seemed to lack, being too caught up in portraying the proper English girl. And her performance in Atonement, which is by far my favourite, was amazing. She really brought Cecilia to life, a hard thing to do from an Ian McEwan novel (sorry. But that guy cannot write), and she wonderfully portrayed the passionate and caring lover - from the first denials and vulnerabilities, through to her defences of him, and her loyalty in his abscence. I'm sorry, but I seriously cannot think of another actress who could have done so well a job. I think she's wonderful, and I cannot wait to see The Edge of Love and The Duchess.

Favourite Film - Pirates of the Caribbean

Best Performance - Cecilia Tallis

FIHSTIWT - The Edge of Love

3. Julie Walters - This is another of my based-on-one-performance-role things. Don't get me wrong, I've seen her in a lot of things: Harry Potter, Driving Lessons, The Calender Girls and Becoming Jane - and I've loved every single one of her performances, indeed, they're often the highlight. However, the reason she is so high on this list is for one film, and one film only: Billy Elliot. In this she portrays the typical bored dancing teacher, helping little girls turn to first position and do a decent plie - probably not her life dream. On top of that, her husband is cheating on her, and she's living in a town that is going through a pretty crappy period. However, soon she meets Billy Elliot, and her life changes, as she helps to change his life too - through teaching him to dance, and always providing solid encouragement and support. Julie's performance was just brilliant in this, she very sensitively and sweetly portrays the growing relationship between the two, as well as her own frustrations in life. It was a very real and charming British performance (no offence to actors of any otehr nationaility!! But I just love British actors. That's why Love Actually is such a favourite. But anywhoo. Back to the point) and it really won me over. I cannot wait to see her in her kick ass role in Deathly Hallows, and also any other films she has coming up.

Favourite Film - Billy Elliot

Best Performance - Mrs Wilkinson, Billy Elliot

FIHSTIWT - Mamma Mia!

4. Audrey Tatou - oh my gosh this girl is gorgeous!!! And talented, obviously :D So yeah...obviously made famous 'cause of Amelie, which I completely adore, but her best, and most awesome performance, has to be Senay Gelik from Dirty Pretty Things. I missed the beginning of this film - when I saw the heart being taken from the toilet (this is probably not advertising my film tastes) I thought it was a horror, and so missed the first twenty minutes. However, what I saw afterwards from Audrey Tatou was completely tragic, and also, at the end, heartwarming. She's a simply wonderful actress - and I think, like her namesake, we're still gonna see some great things from this girl - including a film about Coco Chanel!! *dies*

Favourite Film - Amelie

Best Performance - Senay Gelik

FIHSTIWT - Hors de Prix

5. Marisa Tomei - OK, has anyone seen My Cousin Vinny??? Apart from the fact that it is the funniest film in the world, with a completely genius script, it also has Marisa Tomei giving her best ever performance which earned her an Oscar (for a comedy role!! That proves how great it was!!) Her comic timing was perfect, and her whole attitude to the role and her everything was so completely spot on and fantastic...it's left me speechless, as you can probably tell. Watch this film. Seriously, just for her.
Favourite Film - My Cousin Vinny

Best Performance - Mona Lisa Vito, My Cousin Vinny

FIHSTIWT - umm, there's really not anything. I've seen all her best works. I do wanna see Oscar again, I haven't seen that in agess...

6. Audrey Hepburn - woooooh, the only actress who has not worked in the 21st century!!! And do I really need to say why I love this girl? For those of you who are really new: the sweet innocence in Roman Holiday, her mix of comedy and thrills in Charade, her romance in Sabrina, and her everything-good-under-the-sun in My Fair Lady.

Favourite Film - My Fair Lady

Best Performance - Eliza Doolittle

FIHSTIWT - The Children's Hour

7. Zhang Ziyi - She was wonderful in Memoirs of a Geisha, even though the actual film wasn't all that great. And she made me cry buckets in House of Flying Daggers - it was one of the most mesmerising and beautiful perfomances I've ever seen.

Favourite Film - House of Flying Daggers

Best Performance - Xiao Mei, House of Flying Daggers

8. Reese Witherspoon - Legally Blonde was a genius film. And no one could have done it better than Reese. And in Walk the Line...to play such an amazing and strong lady needed an amazing and strong actress. Enter Reese.

Favourite Film - Walk the Line

Best Performance - June Carter

FIHSTIWT - Cruel Intentions (what?? it seems good!! and not something to watch with parents)

9. Catherine Zeta Jones - when I was younger, she was my favourite actress. I thought she was really beautiful, really talented, and I completely worshipped her. While I don't think she's the very best anymore, I still really like her, and I don't think I could possibly kick her off this list. Anyway, I know she's meant to have been best in Chicago, but I haven't seen that. But I will tell you that she became an idol in my eyes after watching the Mask of Zorro, what used to be my favourite film, and which is now very firmly placed somewhere in my top 50.
Favourite Film - The Mask of Zorro

Best Perforamnce - Elena, Zorro

FIHSTIWT - Chicago

10. Helen Mirren - I was debating having Kirsten Dunst in this spot, seeing as I loved her Coppola (sp?) works...but then I watched the Queen. And then I thought I'd be crazy if I didn't put Helen Mirren in this list. Her performance made me cry, it was just so sweet and real and brilliant. It must have been such a hard thing to do, portraying the emotions and inner thoughts of a lady who never lets anyone see her emotions, but she managed it perfectly.

Favourite Film - The Queen

Best Performance -Queen Elizabeth II

FIHSTIWT - National Treasure 2 :D

Tuesday, 1 July 2008


So yeah. I'm in London, doing my work experience, and when I wanna go home, I realise all the trains to my town have been cancelled because of some accident in Kentish Town. So I'm now curled up on my auntie's old bed, with my grandad's computer, at my grandparents' in central London. It's OK, seeing as I am childish enough to consider this as a bit of an adventure, however, I am also childish enough to feel a bit homesick, especially seeing as I didn't know I'd be away for so long. (at this point I accidently have deleted all my post, and am now retyping. damn.)

anywhoo, yeah. I should be asleep, seeing as I have to get up early tomorrow, but whatever, I logged on to listen to some music, and started typing :D This is actually good, seeing as my 'rents have decided that Summer '08 will be the summer of family togetherness, and me-time on the computer is therefore frowned upon. My updates will therefore be infrequent, but hopefully regular. Underline the hopefully. *does so* oh, damn it's not possible. whatever. *does so mentally*

anywhoo, my work experience is omewhere in Kensington, (yes, do get a load of me), and I was walking down Exhibition Road and Cromwell Road, when I was reminded of one of my favourite children's books ever, a completely charming classic, with, I thought, a quite sweet TV version with a GOOD (it was) performance from Emma Watson. And no it ain't Harry Potter. so, look at the pretty picture/ bitch about Emma Watson (I know I can't stop some of you).