Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Eine Kleine Revision Musik

Now that AS Levels are over, and I have successfully failed all of them (oh my gosh, just thinking about it makes me remember...I can FEEL another 1000 word rant coming...) I thought I'd treat you to some of the music I listened to while revising. A lot of these are indie/ rock type things...which actually may be why I failed...

anywhoo, knock yourselvees out. Some of these aren't the videos I listen to, seeing as thsoe don't allow embedding. But the quality's still not bad :)

Frou Frou - Let Go (from Garden State)

Travis - Love Will Come Through (from the Garden State trailer)

Joshua Radin - Closer (from Scrubs, My Best Laid Plans)

Howie Day - Collide (from Scrubs, My Boss' Free Haircut)

Kutless - All of the Words (from Scrubs, My Bright Idea)

Cary Brothers - Blue Eyes (from...umm...Scrubs, My First Kill)

Simple Plan - Me Against the World (nothing to do with scrubs hehe)

Regina Spektor - Samson (thanks Emma :D)

The Rembrandts - I'll Be There For You (you all know it. second best song in the world)

and to finish off, my favourite song:

Chris Cornell - You Know My Name (intro from film, fantastic graphics!!)

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

We had to write an essay about our hero at school Mr Mason...

I've never been the type of girl to have a famous person be my idol and my hero. Last year, for our debating piece for speaking and listening in English , we had to debate about who we would put on a plinth in Trafalgar Square. Loads of people said people like Nelson Mandella and the Queen...but, while I admired these people, I didn't really look up to and love them. I ended up saying Charlotte Bronte, just to be different, but I didn't really believe in her, so it went quite badly. Anyway, to get to the my actual English GCSE, we had to write an article for a school magazine, describing our hero, and explaining why they were our hero. It could so easily have been a disaster. However, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was due out in a month, and I was ridiculously excited, and it basically came to me, to write about JK Rowling...a woman who(m) I hadn't realised I loved so much, but who(m) I actually did, and do. So I basically wrote about how she brought a whole generation to reading, how she was a fighter and never gave up, and her numerous wroks for charity...blah blah blah. Come results day, I realised I had got full marks in this question...and all the questions before it, and all the questions in my other English Paper, leading to a perfect score in my exams for English GCSE. At that point, I realised that not only was she my hero, but she was also my lucky charm, and that I completely loved her.

soooo...yeah, she's my favourite real-life female. And to celebrate this small fact, I'm gonna do a little question-y survey thing. I was tagged by
Emma to do this in, umm, march, but I haven't had the time, but now it feels, here goes :D

A Dinner Date with JK Rowling (if frickin' only)

1. Pick a single person past or present who works in the film industry who you'd like to have dinner with and tell us why you chose this person?

Alright, so she doesn't work in the film industry, but her name is on IMDB!! So I don't care. Anyway, I picked her for the reasons stated above. And also for creating the best series of books ever.

2. Set the table for your dinner. What would you eat? Would it be in a home or at a restaurant? And what would you wear? Feel free to elaborate on the details.

It is so tempting to be sad and have like, Cauldron Cakes or something. But um...OK. I'd have it at home. And I'd have...OK, what do English people EAT?? Lamb chops, 'cos they're yummy. Oooh, and treacle tart for dessert. 'Cos I'm allowed to be that little bit sad. And I'd wear this, I just got it new, and I think it's gorgeous :D


3. List five thoughtful questions you would ask this person during dinner.
oooh this is hard, everyone's already asked every single question under the sun!!!


1. Lily and James. Elaborate. Explain. They're the only couple I've ever really shipped, despite the fact that they're, you know, not very main. Pleeaaase give me the backstory.

2. People (like my parents. Don't ask) didn't really like the last book, because they felt it encouraged children fighting in wars, and martyrdom, and stuff like that. How would you react to that?

3. There's gonna be a Harry Potter theme park. There is merchandise of every single possible sort about these books, including a proper wand shop. The movies are completely raking it in. Is such popularity and (let's be blunt) commercialism what you wanted? Does it ever bother you?

4. What's your favourite book? Least favourite? Favourite/least favourite film? (not Harry Potter, btw. Just generally).

5. I know you plan to carry on writing, and that you've got a few books on the go atm. Are you ever planning on writing another series of books, any genre? In other words, do you ever envisage another Harry Potter? Do you want there to be?

4. When all is said and done, select six bloggers to pass this Meme along to. Link back to
Lazy Eye Theatre, so that people know the mastermind behind this Meme.

Emma's already linked everybody I would link, so whatever.

peace out people xxx

Monday, 23 June 2008

y'alrighty then...

apparantly Amy Winehouse has lung disease.
there is only one sensible response to this:

I'm incredibly sorry if you think I'm being mean - I'm normally awfully compassionate, and of course I really hope she gets better and fully recovers.

but honestly, what did the silly girl expect???

*rolls eyes*
so anywhooo, can't be assed to write anything big, given I wrote 2200 words yesterday (I know it said wednesday. That's 'cos I began writing it on wednesday. but whatever)

so how would y'all like my top and bottom 10 list of Harry Potter characters?

1. Hermione Granger
2. Harry Potter
3. Ron Weasley
4. Luna Lovegood
5. Fleur Delacour
6. Neville Longbottom
7. Prof McGonagall
8. Fred & George Weasley
9. Lily & James Potter
10. Ginny Weasley

harry potter gang

Least Favourite:
1. Umbridge
2. Voldemort
3. Bellatrix Lestrange
4. Wormtail
5. Draco Malfoy
6. Barty Crouch Jr
7. Crabbe & Goyle
8. Zacharias Smith
9. Severus Snape (what? oh don't look at me like that...)
10. Cornelius Fudge

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

My Leading Men

The actresses list isn't finished yet...I cannot for the life of me think of my tenth favourite, and am quite tempted just to bung Jennifer Aniston in it to make an even 10. Still, my top actors are finished, I actually had 11 at one point, and it was awfully hard to narrow it down, so I'm just gonna make a lil' mention of my 11th favourite, seeing as I think he's sublime genius and completely underrated.

Anywhoo, basically, despite the fact I am obsessed with films, I am going to be the first to admit that I haven't watched every single frickin' film in the world. Given that, a lot of these people are judged on two, or even one, performance that really stood out to me. I dunno, some of you might think that's a bit dumb, and that I can't really judge their acting ability properly from that. I, however, disagree. An actor who has made it into my list on one performance actually shows amazing acting ability - it means I was perfectly taken in and charmed from the start, without any extra persuasion. So, anywhoo, here it is, favourite actors:



Blast off :D

1. Leonardo Di Caprio - I know it's a bit of an obvious choice, and that he had a huge surge of popularity after Titanic, and every teenage girl loved him, blah blah blah. But despite his greatness on Titanic, it wasn't the performance that stood out to me the most. For me, Leo's turn as Romeo Montague in Romeo + Juliet was the most sublime thing I have ever seen on the face of this planet. As the movie begins, and the scene is set, he appears on screen to the dulcet tones of Radiohead's Talkshow Host, the sun shining blindingly around him. It is, perhaps, one of the most iconic images in a Shakespeare adaption, and even in the history of cinema. And as the movie continues, he never lets the audience down from this great start. The balcony scene was beautifully romantic and passionate, and is one of my favourite scenes ever, and his car chase, exile and death were heartbreaking. What really made this my favourite performance, and him my favourite actor, is the realness and 3D-ness he gives Romeo. Throughout the film, we see Romeo go through, for want of a better word, an emotional rollercoaster, experiencing despair, fury, passion, and tragedy within a few short days. Leo's heartfelt and true portrayal had me completely sobbing by the end - when he drinks the poison - and I don't think I've ever been as moved by a film in my life. The rest of the film: soundtrack, concept, set direction etc was fantastic too, but it is Leonardo Di Caprio that placed this film as my second favourite.

Leo's later movies never reached this level of excellence, in my opinion, but I still loved them; Titanic was gorgeous and tragic in the right amounts, and Catch Me If You Can also had me in tears at some parts - though obviously not as strong - and giggling at others. The Aviator, while a quite boring movie, also featured another Oscar worthy perfomance. I don't really know what he's up to these days, I checked his IMDB listings, and tbh, none of the movie summaries really appeal to me atm. Howver, even if he retires right now and never makes another movie again, I think he should be completely proud of himself, and his acheivements. The best actor ever :)
Favourite Film - Romeo + Juliet

Best Performance - Romeo Montague

Film I Haven't Seen That I Want To (ahem FIHSTIWT?) - What's Eating Gilbert Grape

2. Cary Grant -
Man, this guy is a genius. He manages to be a great comic actor - quite hysterically funny (think His Girl Friday) - while never stooping to the cheap acting many actors use these days to get laughs. Even his serious roles, such as North By Northwest, were infected by his own natural wit and charm. My favourite performance of his is probably Peter Joshua from Charade, as the role perfectly marries his two wonderful abilities - he manages to remain charming and funny throughout the play, while never letting go of his character's more mysterious and dark side. I love Audrey Hepburn, but I have to say he steals the show from her here. They just don't make them like this anymore.

Favourite Film - North By Northwest

Best Performance - Peter Joshua, Charade

FIHSTIWT - Notorious

3. Clint Eastwood - This guy's a little bit of a legend in my household. My mum loves him, even though she usually hates these gritty smart-arse violent guys, and my brother, well, he thinks he's a "total ledge". So yeah. He's made an awful lot of movies, and I've actually seen quite a few: his Westerns, such as The Good The Bad and the Ugly and Two Mules for Sister Sara, his cop movies, i.e Dirty Harry and The Rookie, and his later films, where he himself features as director, such as Million Dollar Baby. I probably have to say I love Dirty Harry the most. Similarly to Cary Grant, although you would never think the two would have any similarities at ALL, he blends a slight bit of foul-mouthed humour along with a intense toughness that's sometimes frightening to watch, affecting the audience while never bordering on the sentimental side, which is quite a difficult thing to manage. His film also have the greatest amount of legendary (I know I keep using the word, but it's so damn appropriate) one-liners in IMDB quotes. "Do ya feel lucky? Well, do ya, PUNK?" Classic.

Favourite Film - Dirty Harry

Best Performance - Inspector Harry Callahan

FIHSTIWT - For a Fistful of Dollars

4. Johnny Depp - What?! Oh come on, you so saw this coming. If my family think Clint Eastwood is a legend, this guy to me is a legend. His wide range of quirky roles are fabulous to watch, however, he also delivers on the emotional aspect, heartbreakingly on Chocolat (mostly 'cos he's hot in it, yeah. But he's also a good actor!!!) and in Finding Neverland. That annoying twerp of a kid prevented the movie from becoming a favourite, but his performance in it was wonderful. However, I think we all know what my favourite performance of his really is...

From the moment Jack Sparrow first came on my screen, standing proudly and correctly on a sinking boat, I knew I was in for something special. For about two hours, you're taken on this amazing journey, with this quite frankly insane pirate, along with Johnny Depp's excellent wit, comic timing, facial expressions, and body language. I've watched this film on so many repeat viewings, but as soon as Jack Sparrow comes sailing on, and delievers his first tongue twister of a line, I crack up immediately, falling in love all over again. It takes a pretty special actor to do that

Favourite Film - Pirates of the Caribbean : The Curse of the Black Pearl

Best Performance - Jack Sparrow

FIHSTIWT - Edward Scissorhands

5. Heath Ledger - It is an incredibly depressing fact of life that I fell in love with this guy after his pretty tragic death *sighs*. Anyway, 'cos of his habit of jumping from genre to genre (he once said he didn't want to do any film genre twice) I haven't seen a lot of his stuff, seeing as it just ain't my style. However, I feel I have seen two of his best works: 10 Things I Hate About You, and Brokeback Mountain. While I adore 10 Things I Hate About You (The only teen movie I've ever liked) I have to admit his turn as Ennis Del Mar was masterful. As the quieter of the pair, you might think that actually there's not much to this guy, but his heart wrenching portrayals of Ennis' guilt, passion and helplessness were some of the saddest and deepest things I've ever seen. He should have got that Oscar!!!

Favourite Film - 10 Things I Hate About You

Best Performance - Ennis Del Mar

FIHSTIWT - A Knight's Tale

6. Hugh Laurie - This bloke is admittedly more a TV actor than a film actor, although he has had a few small supporting roles in greats such as Sense and Sensibility and The Man in the Iron Mask. He is, however, mostly known for his fabulous TV work in shows such as House and Jeeves and Wooster, and, in my opinion, these performances are as masterful as those of some great movie stars. Anywhoo, most of you, if you have heard of Hugh Laurie, know him for his gritty 'n' witty role as the oh-so-legend (and oh-so-cute) misanthropic genius doctor, Gregory House. While he is simply brilliant in this role, and pretty much embodies the reason I ever watch it, I will always most love and remember him in his more adorably goofy comic roles, such as Blackadder and Jeeves and Wooster. My parents are the hugest fans of PG Wodehouse - we have every single Jeeves and Wooster book, and a smattering of the Blandings Castle series - so I started watching Jeeves and Wooster from a quite early age, and Hugh Laurie's performance as Bertie Wooster was completely spot on - absolutely genius. He completely embodied the voice, character and spirit PG Wodehouse meant for him to have, as well as adding on some of his own mannerisms, such as that adorable stutter when he's speechless - making Bertie Wooster on-screen a classic. Like House, Hugh Laurie is a genius.

Favourite SHOW (how exciting) - Jeeves and Wooster

Best Performance - Bertie Wooster
Show/Film I Haven't Seen That I Want To (S/FIHSTIWT) - More Blackadder

7. Jack Lemmon - Again, another comic actor. Are we perhaps seeing a trend? Anyway, one of the greatest from the 50s/60s period, he completely made classics such as Some Like it Hot and The Apartment what they are, as well as being completely hilarious in, perhaps, some slightly more low-key films such as The Odd Couple and The Notorious Landlady. Strangely enough, my favourite film of his is not the former two classics, but The Notorious Landlady, which had one of the funniest sequences towards the end that I've ever seen, as well as a great supporting cast of Kim Novak and Fred Astaire. That, mixed with his impeccable comic timing, makes it a classic, for me at least. I think the face of film in that era would be very different without him.

Favourite Film - The Notorious Landlady

Best Performance - The Apartment

FIHSTIWT - The Fortune Cookie

8. Matt Damon - Three words : Good. Will. Hunting. I love the Bourne series, and I think he's fabulous in that too, but Good Will Hunting was just an amazing amazing film, mostly for its script (and guess who wrote that) and Matt Damon, who portrayed his character perfectly, with the right amount of arrogance, sensitivity, genius and vulnerability. An Oscar winning performance, he really should have won.

Favourite Film - Good Will Hunting

Best Performance - Will Hunting

FIHSTIWT - The Talented Mr Ripley

9. Morgan Freeman - I first saw him in Bruce Almighty, and I still think he is the perfect person to portray God, what with his deep calm voice, and that face that you just can't help trust. He was also fantastic in Million Dollar Baby, but I think we all know what he really excelled in : The Shawshank Redemption. Red was my favourite character, I know most people would go for Andy, but I thought he was just so sweet and honest...I just really loved him. Anyway, Morgan Freeman played the part with true conviction, and completely threw himself into the role...and I just thought it was genius, tbh. A performance that completely blew me away - hence my ineloquence. Apparantly he's going to portray Nelson Mandella (along with Matt Damon!!) in an upcoming film, and I can think of no one better.

Favourite Film - The Shawshank Redemption

Best Performance - Red

FIHSTIWT - Driving Miss Daisy

10. Sean Connery - The original James Bond, he made himself a classic after Dr No. Personally, I'll always remember him for other films, such as Marnie, in which he gave one of the most frightening and conflicted performances I've ever seen. I adore him now he's got old too, he was simply wonderful in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, firmly cementing it as my favourite out of the series, and I quite enjoyed Entrapment too. Shame he's retired now, but I think it's safe to say he's made his mark.

Favourite Film - Marnie

Best Performance - Mark Rutland, Marnie

FIHSTIWT - strangely, I can't really think of anything lol...

wooow, so that's it. Ooooh, and my special mention. He was number 10, but then I remembered Matt Damon...and yeah, he was booted out. But anyway, here he is...


Yeah, I don't think anyone really knows who he is lol. Basically, he plays Dr Cox on that great TV show Scrubs, and I think that he plays it to perfection, It is completely shocking that he has never been nominated for an Emmy, he is literally one of the funniest people ever. Anyway, so that's him.

So what d'you guys think? Ooh, and if people could tell me some of their favourite actresses, maybe it'll spark off some recognition. peace out xxx

Monday, 16 June 2008

London's calling...

Oh my gosh, I have really missed this place. Thanks to exams and extensive guilt, I have been shut up in some stupid town 30 miles north of London, knowing that with only 20 minutes, I could be in this glorious city. But NO! Psh, well, exams are OVER now, and first thing I'm gonna do on Friday, my off day, is to hop on the train at an obscenely early hour, and immerse myself in London life until it gets dark. Probably do my Great London Walk; start at Warren street, go through Bloomsbury and the lovely UCL buildings, go down Tottenham Court Road, through Charing Cross, and down to Embackment. I can walk the distance (and am excessively proud of myself) quite fast, and it's pretty much all one big road through central London, so minimal chance of getting lost. I seriously cannot wait, it is aaaaaaages since I've seen the London Eye at night time, or gone into Foyle's, or even seen the huge gold "we will we will rock you" guy on the theatre roof. Friday cannot come quick enough.

curvy london




Tuesday, 3 June 2008

It's official...

...the awesome JK Rowling has written a prequel :D

she is so great.

welll, tbh, it's not really a prequel, more an 800 word story written on a postcard for charity. The postcard book, including short stories from other authors I don't really care about, is going to be available in Waterstones sometime in August, and I've already pre-ordered my copy :D Plus, the story should be available online on June 11th, according to Mugglenet.

I am sooo excited, apparantly it takes place about three years before Harry's birth, so it's Marauder's era. I LOVE the Marauders, and I love the whole James and Lily romance (and I love James :D) and I feel we didn't see enough of it in the books, only him and Lily fighting. I doubt if this story is going to be a romance or anything, it's apparantly going to be focused on James and Sirius, but hopefully Lily'll make an appearance...and it should just be great :D

So anyway people, pre-order your copies NOW!!!