Tuesday, 25 December 2007


My AS Maths is in three weeks time. I haven't revised two thirds of the syllabus. NOT GOOD. You would think I'd be smart, and, you know, revise every second I have time. Not so, my friend, not so. Yesterday, I had the whole day spare. I could've probably covered a third or more of what I needed to know. Instead, I spent six hours (no joke) watching Robin Hood on my computer.

Yes, let me introduce you to my new obsession. And while I get many of these over the year, they're usually sophistaicated (in my eyes...): Atonement, Hitchock, Harry Potter (yes, I said sophisticated). But this? The pathetic new contemporary series of Robin Hood, with it's awful plots, cheesy lines, and horrible actors?

Er, yes.

But, in my defence, it's not honestly that bad! Admittedly, the plots are far fetched - any idiot would tell you that beautiful arabian girls don't travel half the world as part of an assasination squad in 1192. And, admittedly, the only way Robin would ever be able to swing on a rope across a banqueting hall is if the guards really were that gormless and stood stock still. But, somehow, in my experience, a good Robin Hood series needs these ridiuculous plots. I remember a 90's series I was obsessed with when I was 8. They had american accents, for heaven's sake! But somehow, even if it just couldn't and wouldn't happen, these mysterious, exotic, heroic plots add to the fun and the love for the characters. If Robin Hood was a biggoted murderer, we wouldn't love him half as much as a guy who doesn't-kill-people-unnecessarily and respects-other-religions-and-cultures. Bless his socks.

And the acting, for a series, is rather good. Not the best...the tone of their acting, especially at the beginning of the series, sounded contrived...the same gestures and inflections I remember using in my school plays. Impressive for an amateur 15 year old. Not so much for a 25 year old. But they do improve! Eventually, the acting makes us, the audience, laugh, cry, and love along with the characters. Except the child actors. Let's not go there...

But, I will be honest. I probably wouldn't like it half as much, if it weren't for Jonas Armstrong...

Oh. My. Gosh.

I'm not the type of girl to have fan-girly episodes. I mean, I have, you know...lived...but all I really ever did was whisper to my friends how hot Orlando was in POTC. I've never saved pictures on my computer, collected avatars, downloaded episodes, or giggled goofily whenever a certain someone walks on-screen.

Until now.

But he's hot. So hot. In his presence, I act like the pre-puberty fangirl I never was. Pathetic I suppose, but we all start sometime.

And those eyes.

And that smile.

So...*ahem* I love Robin Hood. For utterly...unshallow reasons. Obviously. My advice to any snobby film obsessors out there is to put aside your prejudices, and watch. :)

And, Jonas Armstrong, if you're reading this, yes I will consent to be your wife. Just as long as you promise to keep that green hoodie on all the time :D

Wednesday, 19 December 2007


In celebration of my FINALLY finished coursework (YES!!! I am happppy!) I will do my second post *beams*

And, naturally, it must be Atonement:

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Fantastisch/ Fantastique

Heey...so I started a blog.
There will be no introductions. Ahem.

anywhoo...homework line-up: Interview with an ex drug addict in German, the American influence on tourism for French, and my educational plans for the future, again, in French.

Just perfect.

Once all this crappy homework in this crappy term is finished, I might actually be able to get some reviews up.